Stranger in the Dunes (2016) Torrent Download Kickass HDRIP

Stranger in the Dunes (2016) Torrent Download Kickass HDRIP

watch-stranger-in-the-dunes-onlineDirector: Nicholas Bushman

Writer: Nicholas Bushman

Stars: Delphine Chanéac, Mike Dwyer, Andrew Hovelson

Plot:- Stranger in the Dunes Full Movie On ZMLBLUEE: Bizarre events occur when an old friend visits a troubled married couple at their beach house. A beautiful and brutal ballet of violent love and obsession, STRANGER IN THE DUNES follows a troubled married couple who receive an unexpected visit from an old friend while vacationing at their family beach house. When a mysterious discovery shatters their world, deep-rooted personal tensions viciously resurface. Trapped in their isolated paradise, the serene seaside dunes become a harrowing stage for their primal descent into madness as they test the lengths they will go for love. Download Sci-Fi Movies 1080p

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